Workshops at Bermingham

Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you want to live more authentically and feel like you have more control in your life and understand your purpose and vision? Join Gorgi Coghlan for a full day workshop on career, boundaries and vulnerability in the stunning surrounds of Bermingham Farm.
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Join us for a long Italian lunch with Kate Langbroek in the glorious surrounds of Bermingham Farm as she discusses the success of her book ‘SIX TAKE ITALY’ along with sharing her favourite stories about living abroad. Don’t miss this intimate and unique event to meet one of Australia’s most loved media personalities whilst enjoying a delicious Italian feast in the peaceful countryside at Bermingham. Limited seats.
17/02/2024 & 18/02/2024
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Brisbane artists Kate Quinn and Emily Day, and sensational Victorian still life painter, Anna Placidi, are hosting a divine art experience in regional Victoria in February 2024. You will enjoy a very special day of art, flowers, food and garden strolls at stunning Bermingham Farm.
Why do we respond the way we do and how can we shift what doesn’t work for us? Facilitated by Lael Stone and hosted by Gorgi Coghlan
20/04/2024 & 21/04/2024
Join us at Bermingham Farm for two days of reflection, learning and connection that will result in you using your experience of grief to find value in your life. You will be supported to engage with yourself and the world around you in a way that nourishes you and honours your lost loved one. Facilitated by clinical psychologist and fellow grieving human, Dr Veronica Johnston, and hosted by Gorgi Coghlan.
Bermingham Farm is a special place where you can take time to nourish yourself. This is never more important than when you experience loss and grief through miscarriage. In this one-day workshop we will explore what healing from miscarriage means for you and support you moving towards recovery, finding hope and resilience in your life.
Join us in the beautiful surrounds of Bermingham Farm for a FLOWER THERAPY workshop with florists Yvette Timmins and Georgie Stanton. Working with stunning fresh flowers, including some from Gorgi’s own garden, you’ll leave with a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers along with a renewed sense of self.
Is the life you are living the life that wants to live in you? Are you at home in your life? Curating the emotional tone of how your life unfolds. Facilitated by Robbi Zeck and hosted by Gorgi Coghlan